Meet the Horses

LB is a 16 y/o OTTB who spent many years in the equitation and hunter ring. He is a vital part of the MVEC program and we are lucky to have him! Although he is a large horse, he is a gentle giant who happily can jog around during beginner lessons but has plenty of energy when it comes to jumping with more experienced riders! He has done some low level eventing and jumps everything in sight!

Laila is another OTTB that was rescued through MVEC's Fresh Start program. She is now 6 y/o and a wonderful testament to how a properly restarted horse can have a great second career. She successfully began competing at BN last season and hopefully will easily continue her success in 2016. She is used in lessons to demonstrate how a proper connection should feel to riders who are trying to learn how to develop and train horses.

Diego is an OTTB who MVEC rescued in 2014 as part of the Fresh Start Program. He is an 11 y/o 16.3h gelding who raced for many years before arriving at MVEC. He has successfully competed at the BN level this past year and will hopefully be moving up the levels in 2016. He is brave and confident over fences. He is a part of the intermediate/advanced lesson program and has plenty to teach everyone!

Pumba is an 18 y/o Quarterhorse who is worth his weight in gold! He is a quiet, steady soul who is able to help the smallest of riders learn the basics as well as help those riders who are overcoming fear. For more advanced riders, he is able to teach them the beginnings of proper contact as well as lateral work. An accomplished beginner novice packer, he is a steady mount when it comes to jumping courses.

MVEC has a number of lesson horses for those riders who do not own their own horse or for those clients looking to further their riding on a different horse. The horses range in age, experience and training to provide a diverse range of options for riders. Each horse is schooled on a regular basis which helps ensure happy, educated horses for the program. We make our horses' care a top priority.

Happy ‚Äčis one the newest additions to the MVEC lesson program and has already proven himself to be an invaluable teacher! A 16.1h Clydesdale Cross he is surprisingly light on his feet and is super smooth! He is quiet enough for every rider but has plenty of fancy in him for those working on refining their dressage skills.

  • Pumba was ranked 3rd in the US in 2009 in the Beginner Novice Division for the USEA

Bailey is an 18 y/o OTTB who was a Novice packer in his younger years. An avid teacher of balance, correct striding and patience for many years, Bailey now has retired to mainly trail riding. He is the perfect horse to teach younger horses how to be confident on the trail and in the great outdoors! 

Airborne is the tallest of the crew standing at 17hh and tends to draw attention when out competing due to his large presence. He is another OTTB and Kate's main competition horse. Despite the fact that he actively competes at the Preliminary level in eventing, he is a proven lesson horse for beginner to advanced riders. He is quiet on the lunge line and is a well-behaved for riders as the focus on further developing their seats. He can even be found doing w/t lessons on a busy Saturday!

Squirtle is easily the cutest member of the MVEC family! ( Just don't let the others hear that) He may be small at only 12hh tall but he is mighty! He thinks he's one of the big horses. Now at 7 years old, Kate has started and trained him from the age of 3. He is a perfect little pony and has started many new riders. He  can w/t/c quietly undersaddle and on the lunge line. He jumps consistently at 2'. He will be making his eventing debut this year so stay tuned!