"Saint Roch"-  Rocco

Congratulations to Vicki on her great find in Rocco! Rocco is a big boy at least 16.3hh and growing! Vicki scooped him up right from the track after retiring her previous OTTB. Rocco is beautifully uphill built and hopefully will make a great new eventer!

"I Believe I Can"- Jack

Jack stole our hearts from the second he calmly walked his way off of the trailer! At about 16.2hh and growing, he is going to be a substantial horse. He was chosen for our Fresh Start Program based on his low starts, bloodlines and overall confirmation. Jack has begun his training under saddle and is already making great strides. Jack has a quiet brain, great work ethic and will be able to go in any direction.

-Update on Jack-

Jack is turning into quite the fiery red head! He is an interesting character who is progressing nicely throughout his training under Molly's guidance. He is a "perfect baby angel horse" as Molly likes to say! He now walk/trot/ canters and has begun to learn to jump. It will be fun to see how he continues to learn as the spring show season rolls around. Be sure to follow Jack's progress on facebook and instagram!

Meet the Projects!

"Majestic Act"- Maggie

Congratulations to Jen on her adoption of Maggie from CANTER Minnesota! Maggie is a sweet 3 year old mare who had few starts on the track and began her retraining at CANTER. A quiet mare who LOVES to eat, I have a feeling she will fill out nicely! 

-Update on Maggie-

Maggie is turning into such a lovely riding horse! Jen has been patiently bringing this young mare along and it is paying off nicely! Maggie has gained quite a bit of muscle and weight over the winter and will be posting some updated photos soon! Naturally a very willing partner, Maggie is now walk/trot/ cantering under saddle. Jen is excited to get her out of the ring this spring and start to work on her future as an event horse!

Off The Track Thoroughbred

Fresh Start Program

Every year thousands of Thoroughbred racehorses retire from the track. Some find their way to successful new homes but many are stuck with little or no new options. OTTB restarting has been a passion of Kate's for many years. In 2014, MVEC started a program called Fresh Start in order to provide an avenue for some of these horses to begin new careers. OTTB's are easy to come by but can be difficult to train if left in the wrong hands. The Fresh Start program is dedicated to helping potential and new OTTB owners to get on the right track with their new projects. The program focuses on consistent, patience training for the horse along with proper education of OTTB owners. MVEC's training program is dedicated to continued education, so we offer training for all levels of OTTBs. We have many success stories, please contact Kate today if you are interested in finding yourself an OTTB whether its straight from the track or if you need help continuing your horses training.